LISTEN: Spring Scrimmage No. 2 recap, MW TV deal means more money for CSU

It may only be spring, but Colorado State’s offense is way ahead of the defense at this point.

We look at all the stats which were put up by the offense in the second spring scrimmage, which took place on Saturday, and what that means for each unit. For the offense, they’ve picked up right where they left off last season; putting up huge numbers.

The opposite is true of the defense; allowing huge touchdowns and many scores. There are a ton of injuries, which we get to, and cornerback is extremely thin currently. That pits the deepest position — wide receiver — against the thinnest in cornerback, leading to huge numbers for the O. Still, the defense has to get things together this spring if they hope to truly compete for that MW championship in the fall.

Then, we look at the new Mountain West TV deal and the huge jump in money for Colorado State. And, we even look at the improved Fort Collins infrastructure ahead of the stadium opening.