The American Football

The genesis of football was inspired by rugby, an English game that had many similarities to football. The first time that rugby was played was in the 1800 by the most well-known English Rugby Boy’s School. It is also possible to compare football to soccer, a game which originated in English and was played in the 1820’s in the beginning.

College Football; Where it Begun?

In Harvard University, freshmen and sophomores competed in the football version of game that was played on the 1st Monday in every school year. This event is also referred to as “Bloody Monday” for the physical strength in the match.

In the aftermath of the war in the 1850, colleges began organizing football matches. It was in 1867 that Princeton is the first to set the rules for the game. Rutgers College did also established certain rules during the same year. Despite some distance with Princeton The game was played between both schools on the 6th of November on the 6th of November, 1869. In the end, Rutgers College won and that was the first intercollegiate football match.

In 1873, a legislative group comprising Columbia, Rutgers, Princeton and Yale gathers at New York City to plan the first intercollegiate football rules due to the rising popularity of the game , which was played with different soccer rules. The four teams were then formed an Intercollegiate Football Association with 15 players per team.

The coach Walter Camp of Yale University team has expressed his dream of an 11-man squad and it was instrumental in establishing the transition from the rugby-style game spbo terbaru to the current American Football game. A committee led by Camp quickly reduces the number of players from of 15 to 11.

In 1882, Walter Camp also introduces the downs’ system. After the first three attempts to advance the ball at a distance of 5 yards in the year 1906, he was able to change it to 10 yards.


Beginning with a modest beginning in 1869, in which the very first intercollegiate game held at Rutgers and Princeton the game has since turned into an industry worth billions of dollars through its official formats. Football is now available for worldwide viewing. With the introduction of cable television college games were seen on Saturdays and Fridays after lunch and evening. Professional games were broadcast on Mondays, Sundays and on Mondays evenings.

Champion of National as well as American conferences will meet in the Super Bowl for the decision of who will be the national champion. The game is held in January, and it will be the biggest sporting spectacle in history and is watched by millions of viewers across the world on the television.

Although TV commercials are the tone for the scene, the squabble between TV networks for coverage they provide greatly affects worth of National Football League franchises. In 1920, franchises were valued at as 100 US dollars. In 1960, each franchise cost about $2 million.

In 1993, as the league was expected to grow, the selling teams’ rates rise to one hundred forty million dollars per franchise. The same year saw they National Football League sign a four-year television contract with five networks to half a billion dollars.